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  • Where the Health Are We?
    Authored By: Lawrence Hardy, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286332
    Childhood obesity is a complex problem. Healthy food availability, exercise and activity options, cultural expectations, and family habits and attitudes all play a role. Many s...


  • Take Your Best Shot
    Authored By: Marie A. de Perio, Douglas M. Wiegand, Scott E. Brueck, and Juliann C. Scholl, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286333
    Despite research showing that flu vaccines work, fewer than half of those age 6 months or older received the vacc...

  • Semper Fi
    Authored By: Brandon J. Pugh, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286334
    You no doubt think that you’ll never be able to experience firsthand Marine Corps recruit training and find out what makes the nation’s smallest military branch so special. Ho...

  • Uniform Results
    Authored By: Rachael Tolliver, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286335
    About 1,730 schools have JROTC programs in their high schools. Giving students safe activities, positive instruction, and life-skills training that will see them past the ris...


  • August 2014 Leaderboard
    Authored By: Kathleen Vail, Thomas J. Gentzel, Anne M. Byrne, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286336
    From the Editor, Tom on Point, President's Corner...

  • August 2014 Dashboard
    Authored By: Editorial Staff, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286337
    News, views, and trends you should watch...

  • August 2014 Backboard
    Authored By: Margaret Suslick and Kathleen Vail, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286338
    Green Strides/Q&A...

  • August Recess
    Authored By: Reginald Felton, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286339
    During August, you should take advantage of every opportunity to talk with members of Congress when they are back in their home states and congressional districts. Participate...

  • Basketball Equity
    Authored By: Thomas E. Wheeler II, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286340
    In recent years, Indiana high school basketball has faced its biggest challenges as it has run headlong into the gender equity provisions of Title IX (requirements that s...

  • Fighting Back
    Authored By: Nora Carr, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286341
    Fed up with the ongoing and well-funded assault on schools boards, teachers, and public education, school officials are fighting mad and fighting back. Here’s a round-up of what’s h...

  • Lunch Money
    Authored By: Glenn Cook, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286342
    The problem, in many respects, comes down to money—and the fact that there’s not more of it. Like a number of federal laws, the child nutrition legislation is ambitious in its goal...

  • Who's the Boss?
    Authored By: Patte Barth, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286343
    Are school boards obstructions to reform instead of its overseers? Do mayors necessarily make better school leaders? And could such a shift in governance come with unseen and unfo...

  • Right Decisions
    Authored By: Editorial Staff, Date Published: 7/15/2014, Product#: 286344
    Nearly nine in 10 smokers started the habit by age 18. If we want to prevent young people from smoking, the data tell us we’ve got to start early. One tool districts and schoo...